That 80s Band That 80s Band

Known as the decade of decadence, the music of the 1980's was as diverse as the people who performed it. Some artists embraced the dance music style of the previous decade, while others revolted against it. Fashion, style, and attitude were a huge part of the social conscience. Artists were known for their big hair and colorful clothing. Alternative, pop, dance, rap, and metal filled the airwaves and video became king.

That 80s Band captures the moments and looks of the 80's so well, you will swear you went through a time machine. The band uses multiple singers to encompass the many musical styles of the time. Authentic outfits and sounds further enhance the experience. High end lights, video and props from the 80's makes the transformation complete. That 80s Band covers such artists as Billy Idol, Wang Chung, Tears for Fears, Simple Minds, The Pretenders, Prince, and Blondie; and that's just a taste. Make no mistake - this is the Ultimate Party band! Bring your big hair, skinny ties, and short skirts with leg warmers and get ready to rock in premier 80s style with………that 80s band.

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